Established in 2017. Chillin' up north in the cold state of Minnesota. A small streetwear brand founded by Dustin & Michelle hoping to bring the spotlight to the Minnesota Community, to expand worldwide, and to spread Chill Vibes.


Chill Vibes is a brand inspired by the art and meaning in streetwear brands such as Johnny Cupcakes, Obey, and The Hundreds. We hope that our brand has the same impact and that our art can be a voice to each person that decides to be part of our Chill Squad community.


We strive to build and uplift our community by giving everyone an opportunity because we all have potential when we work together. What we bring to our community - chill vibes, good energy, support, a voice to be heard, and hope. We bring our community together through collaborations, participate in trade shows, and host events such as Pop-ups. 


As artists our clothing is our canvas that brings a meaningful aesthetic vibe that also expresses our experiences in our life whether it's love, happiness, or sadness. Each piece is made with love, printed, and sewed with our own hands. Beneath each design a deeper story is being told. We hope that the pieces we create can tell your story as well.





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