Chill Vibes is a streetwear brand created in St Paul, MN. for their love of Urban Fashion, Lo-Fi, and Anime. Our clothes are curated with love to express these artforms on a canvas. Our designs share our emotions and experiences for you to feel a sense of belonging. We challenge our core beliefs, practice unconditional self-acceptance, and prioritize healing. Chill Vibes is more than just clothing but offer a sense of community and connection to the artists/creators themselves whether that be a connection to their story or sharing the same values and interests.

Anime explores relatable interconnections between people that are both inspiring and expressive. Giving us a new way to look at life and teach us new lessons through every binge session! We will continue to explore these ideals through our clothing.

Each piece is uniquely made with a deeper meaning to reflect who we are as individuals and will reflect and share our communities’ values and experiences.


Lo-Fi has been present in our lives when we needed it most. Sometimes to focus on a big test, study, work, read a book on a Sunday afternoon, or do some self-reflecting. The calming melodies these tunes have provided for us are why we want to share our love and experiences of it with the world.