About Nuch

With that more and more artists are coming out in the music industry. One of which is Pittsburgh PA native, Nuch. With 2 mixtapes & 1 Studio Album Nuch has a sound that is reminiscent of mid-ninties hip-hop, with smooth and rolling beats that are soothing and relaxing to the ear. His lyrics speak from a place of experience. He talks more about getting out of the street life rather than glorify it. Nuch’s words have a sort of passive guidance, coming across as a voice showing a way out of personal despair. The uplifting vibes of his music is filled with a sense of outlook and optimism. He draws from his own personal experiences of loss, bad choices and struggle to do better. 
In 2017 Nuch started his own record label "Odd Ball Gang" the meaning behind it is simply this "It doesn't matter what you do or who you are, You do WHATEVER makes you happy & cope with YOUR life. We're all Oddballs in are own way & That's what makes us, Us." To celebrate Nuch has recently teamed up with Chill Vibes Clothing to bring an iconic concept to life.

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